Fall is Upon Us

Ah yes, the season of cooler weather, abundance of pumpkin spice latte social media uploads, and thick socks. Can you believe that fall is already here? Fun fact, autumnal equinox (Or Fall) is September 22nd. If you live in the northern hemisphere, we are preparing for cooler weather, maybe a relief from the heat, and changes in our rhythm of life. As we prepare for cooler weather, here are few tips to get ready.

Summer Clothes, See you Next Year

Now is a good time to sort through your clothes. If you have lighter jackets, sweaters or coats, it's time to pull it out of storage. It's also a great time to reorganize your clothing. If you have items that are worn out, let them go and throw it away. Have pants, shirts, sweaters you rarely wear? Put it in a box for donation.

Fall Cleaning

Wait, there's fall cleaning? Why not? Perhaps there's items in your room or house that you will really not be needing till spring or summer of next year. Put it away in storage. Though we should be cleaning our places regularly, it's not always the case. Set aside a morning or afternoon to do some deeper cleaning. Cleaning out those dirty places where angels fear to tread. Too intimidating? If you can afford, perhaps consider hiring a cleaner for a couple hours. Or make your kids do it, and tell them it's going towards their next meal.

Fall/Seasonal Drinks and Snacks

Yes. It is pumpkin spice lattes season. Don't go crazy on seasonal drinks though. It's the same repackaged advertising every year. Then we wonder where 300$ went in the past 3 months. Save yourself a few dollars and make your own coffee at home. Or do a coffee meetup with a friend, suggest they get some scones and pumpkin spice lattes, and get a sip from them. ✌️

This Year's Resolutions

Wait, what? Friends, we have 2 months left this year. It's a good time to revisit the resolutions we made at the beginning of the year, and prepare for any end of year to-dos. Are there tasks that you intended to finish before the end of 2020? See what you can do to get things done. Also, it's a great time to plan for the upcoming holiday season, gifts, meals etc. Take these two months to budget out what you think you will need to spend money on, and save up!

Speaking of Christmas Gifts...

Don't know what to get your relatives, family, friends for Christmas? Consider our fine selection of wines. Thoughtful, classy, and great for pairing with so many foods. Going to a dinner or Christmas party? Bring a bottle of wine with some cheese. Taking communion this holiday season? Use the real stuff! Jesus didn't turn water into grape juice, he turned water into wine! Please drink responsible. Do not consume alcohol if you are under the legal age. And be smart. Don't drink and drive.


Natural Joy

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