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西班牙 蒙戴沃.威爾莫特酒莊TAPAS餐酒會

Zorba House 左巴好室.人文美食與音樂空間,西班牙經典Tapas,配上西班牙200多年歷史的Bodegas Montalvo Wilmot 蒙戴沃.威爾莫特酒莊充滿西班牙風土特色的佳釀,美食美酒、悠閒的週六夜晚,完美!Salud~ 4道餐加一道點心搭配4杯葡萄酒與一杯咖啡.CP值破表價NT$1400 元(含酒水與服務費)!! Tapas españolas clásicas por Casa Zorba, emparejado con un vino excelente y expresivo de Bodegas Montalvo Wilmot. Fundada en el siglo XIX, es una pequeña bodega familiar que se especializa en la producción limitada de vinos de tipo terroir . Buena comida, buen vino y un agradable sábado por la noche ¡perfecto! Salud. Spaniards are night owls. The typical Spaniard does not eat dinner until at least 9 o’clock in the evening and probably does not get to bed until close to midnight. On the weekends, on holidays and during the sum

與時俱進Hellenic Fine Oils, SA

HFO 公司從2000年創立至今其核心理念一直保持不變,橄欖油以及相關產品的檢驗標準以及包裝材料都具有極高的要求,相關產品包括橄欖、橄欖醬、芳香橄欖油等。2004年提供雅典奧運會Sparta Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil。 今年5月, 我們同步全球 Sparta Gold 換新衣!!! 希臘良油 HFO - Hellenic Fine Oils, SA A traditional family-owned Greek company, and a leader in the Greek olive oil industry.Pure and exceptional flavors, distinctive and genuine products of Greece. Certifications Our products are manufactured in modern industrial facilities in Kalamaki, Corinth.The mechanical equipment and the production operations are subject to continuous monitoring, so that they comply with international quality and hygiene standards. Furthermore, HFO applies a quality management system in all phases of the standardizati


Natural Joy 帶給你純淨歡愉的生活,我們相信天然就是最好的認證,嚴選商品是我們的品牌,母親節快樂!We bring Joy to Mothers!

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